First (and last) weekend

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Well, as my first and last free weekend before law school starts, I've been enjoying it. Yesterday I pretty much did nothing except start the most recent Harry Potter book, which was recently released in paperback (that's what I've been waiting for). Today all I've done so far is finish it, about a half hour ago or so.

I enjoyed it a great deal. As I'm sure I'm just about the last person in the world to have read it, I'll spare the finer points, however I did enjoy the much darker tone of the book. I found myself wishing that the boy would just get over his teenage angst, though. I also am looking forward to the time when HP and Snape are reconciled, as I expect they will be given the current circumstances. I don't think it will happen for some time, though.

Overall a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Now it's getting up and moving for the two parties we must attend tonight.

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