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For my research class, we have to do a 'research journal.' Essentially, we get a question that we have to research using the sources we have learned to date in class (read: no or LexisNexis). For my first research journal, I only spent three hours. The sources, for those of you who know of such things, were secondary: encyclopedias (legal), treatises, ALR, Law Reviws, etc. There's a lot of information out there in all those sources combined, so I really felt that I did a rather casual job of this assignment, but I simply did not have more time to spend on it.

Well, I got it back today with this comment:

Your work, all-around, is a thing of beauty & I have no criticisms. This is excellent work & gives you many resources to move on to. You appropriately identified all the outstanding issues that requires further research. 10/10


There's another item of note, but that comes in later.


Travis said:

There is something to be said for how much I hate your good fortune at this point. :)

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