Milo, R.I.P.

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Ok, so the promised story of Milo. I mentioned below that my betta (fish), Milo, was sick. He has been for a while, but we were trying some things to make him feel better. None of these seemed to work, as I somewhat expected. The problem is that dropsy is really a symptom and not a disease in itself, which meant it could really be caused by any number of things. It had become clear that he was in pain and he was having trouble getting around, so yesterday I euthanized him using the freezer method, which is supposedly one of the most humane ways, lacking any medications.

I'm really sad to see him go, but the rest of my fish are doing fine and I may get another betta in the future.

Anyway, back to law school stuff, we had our little organizational showcase this afternoon where different organizations got up and talked about what they were and what they did. I already knew I wanted to be part of the Women's Law Forum and that I'd like to do all kinds of trial competitions. I've already started being active in the Law Students for Equal Justice club. The only real debate is that I'm thinking of joining a legal fraternity and there are two available.

One is Phi Delta Phi, and I have to admit that I'm drawn to the stated goals of increasing the professionalism and ethics of the legal profession. Something fairly serious and visionary appeals to me. The other group is Delta Theta Phi, which seemed, at least on this campus, to be more of a social, party, let's have fun kind of thing. I'm not generally into having fun.

I could just not do either, but there are some benefits to membership in either one of these groups. I admit that I could use some input from people, particularly those who have experience with either of these two groups.

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