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Since others have done it (too many to list), and I have some too, it's time for funny google searches that have led people to this site.

For those who don't know, site stats can track what search strings people use to get to sites. Here are a few search strings that people have used to get here:

survive series result: No idea what this one is for. I can only imagine it should have ben "survivor." I'm the first hit, even.

anniversary vacation photos: Apparently someone is looking for other people's anniversary vacation photos. I have some of each, by the way, just not a combination.

dante inferno musgrave marilyn: I checked and I'm the top listing for this one. I like that.

lemony snicket common law bad beginning: I can only begin to imagine what this one is about. It might be fun to go through the books and count the lawsuits, though.

thanksgiving belly gorged: I'm the number 2 hit on this one. 'nuff said.


Stella said:

Hmmm...I think the Snicket thing must be from one of my blogs...

Those are very interesting. I did a google search on you, once. I didn't get anything.

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