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I've just arrived back at Chez Parents from our New Year Celebration. We're going to the beach tomorrow, so I have to get some sleep, but I thought I'd go ahead and give a short lineup of the posts I have planned for the next couple of days (mostly so I'll be sort of obligated to do them).

  • Taunt my readership on my New Year Celebration activity(ies). This is harder than it sounds because it was cool, but not too exciting.
  • Taunt my readership on my trip to the beach. I anticipate this will be quite easy.
  • Obligatory Year in Review post. Also quite easy. I remember a pretty good chunk of 2004.
  • Obligatory New Year Resolutions. Pretty easy; I've either been doing them or I'll be setting pretty low goals for myself. Or both.
  • Write poetry/short fiction and/or post it. It's likely that I'll write something; I've already been writing a bit more. It's less likely that I'll post it. I tend not to want to publish things I write (other than blog entries) until it's actually been published in something not-run-by-me. If I get enough comment requests, though, I may put up the two pieces of my writing that have already been published. The poem I consider rather mediocre, but the microfiction piece I am fairly proud of.


Travis said:

In advance of the taunting, and I do mean it in the nicest way possible... go take a long walk off a short pier. I am sure they have those over there NEAR THE BEACH!

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