I'm Back.

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Readers (both of you) may have noticed that I've been off my game a bit the last few days. I've been in a bit of a funk, but thanks to my best friend, all one can eat tacos, three margaritas, and dirty Pictionary, I'm feeling right as rain. More will follow. Fun posts, not dirty pictionary. Though that would be fun, too.


Travis said:

OMG the meeting last night was SOO FUN! Thanks for being my straight friend and coming to the SPECTRUM meeting. I think next time we are playing "large group" Taboo! Or maybe we can requisition a copy of the game DIRTY MINDS.

Drew said:

There were not cat pictures last friday. Why should i go to your blog anymore?

Mackenzie said:

It's called variable ratio reinforcement. You see, by being inconsistent with the cat posts, I'm training you.

A psych degree is a terrible thing to waste.

Drew said:

Train me, ha. I can hardly remember my own name. Look something shinney.

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