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If an atheist tries to build a tower to the heavens, he has nobody but himself to blame when it comes crashing down.


Jenn said:

Why would an authiest build a tower to the heavens? They're too busy criticizing all the believers.

Jenn said:

Uh, that would be athiest there.

Mackenzie said:

Well, the heavens aren't necessarily spiritual in nature, particularly in the plural (as opposed to Heaven). Simply some lofty, damn near unattainable goal.

And I don't know that atheists in general criticize, at least not any more than a person of one faith would towards a person of another faith.

I sort of meant it as a way to illustrate that some things are at the limit of what we (in an individual and collective sense) are capable of achieving. And when we fail, perhaps we should look to taking responsibility for that. We should figure out what we did wrong.

And sometimes maybe we need to look at what is utterly impossible, and perhaps not attempt it in the first place. Not because of being stricken by some supreme being, but just because we're setting ourselves up for inevitable disappointment. Perhaps we could more realistically evaluate our chances before just diving in.

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