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As short as the week has been, it's been pretty darn good. I got all my class work done pretty early, so I had an opportunity to do some fun stuff like being a bailiff for a friends' appellate argument (I learned a lot), getting my law review case note proposal in (it's fun for me, I love learning about this stuff), going to a panel wherein I got to see one of my admission letter-writers (she chose wisely, I like to think), and hosting a fabulous dinner at my place with a few close friends. Sadly, one is moving soon, but I suppose all one can do is have fun while you can.

Theoretically, I can get a lot of work done this weekend, even with a few recreational activities thrown in. I have lots of work lined up, but it's times like these that just reinforce that law school was the correct choice. I'm having probably the best time I've had in my life. I know that I'm priveleged in a lot of ways, but rather than self-flagellation thinking about all the people that don't have these opportunities, I'm just going to make sure that I don't take it for granted.

For anyone thinking about law school, I highly recommend it.


Jenn said:

That's awesome that you're loving law school so much. If I could just get past the dwelling on grades, looking for a job and competition, then I'd like it more I'm sure.

The stuff we're learning at the pace we're learning it from who we're learning it is definitely stimulating. It's just all the other stuff that to me can be highly distracting.

Mackenzie said:

I agree. I've done my best to ignore all that stuff, admittedly imperfectly. Of course, it's easier when I'm doing pretty well, plus the culture of my school is far different from what it seems to be at other schools. We're just not all that competitive. It's very laid back, and that helps a lot.

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