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Friday Catblogging!

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. . . and some extra photo lovin'. Let's get to it.

Jupiter, of course.

Here's Jupiter posing next to a postcard sent to me by my friend, the Kicker. He loves having his picture taken.

For this shot, Jupiter decided he wanted to get a little active.

Now let's see some other miscellaneous photos. First we have two shots of my door injury:

Here's what happened to my front end. It doesn't look too bad, until you notice that the fender is fairly bent:

Finally, I'd like to share with all of you non-Wyoming people what spring looks like around here. This photo was taken yesterday. That's April 28, 2005. This was the view out my window in the morning, shortly after I got up.

Last Day!

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This is my last day of classes in my first year of law school. I'll do the obligatory retrospective entry later, as well as some catblogging. For now, take a look at the new quote.

A little life tip

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I've been on this planet for a wee bit over 28 years. While the first bit of that time was pretty non-productive, I've learned a lot of things over the last decade or so. I'd like to share some of my most recently acquired knowledge.

When planning car wrecks, you may want to avoid scheduling them 9 days apart. What's more, you may want to keep any of them from occurring the week before law school finals.

Backstory: I had a great time going to Ft. Collins with my best friend, J. The only coffee stain on the white blouse of my day was getting hit by a guy in a parking lot. He was backing out of a parking space next to one I was going into. J noticed he was headed towards us and I stopped. I watched the back of his head as his front end hit me in the driver side door. He wasn't whizzing out of his spot, he simply wasn't paying attention. This was on the 16th.

Then, on Monday, I was coming home after a nice game of racquetball with the Dancer when the guy in front of me pulled a U-turn. Naturally, I hit him. My passenger side front bumper smacked his driver side door. The kicker is that he has no insurance. He was cited for the incident and will appear in court on Tuesday to plead, and if he pleads guilty, probably to be sentenced. I still have to submit my restitution request for my deductible (which I have to pay), and I'm going to tack on an estimate of a car rental, since my insurance won't pay for that.

In the meantime, my car is going into the shop for the door incident tomorrow; the other driver's insurance has determined him to be at fault and is thus paying in full for that repair and for a rental car while it's there. I'll have to pay my deductible for the other incident, but hopefully I'll get that back with the restitution.

So heed my warning. Don't get into wrecks. And while you're at it, don't break your computer a week before finals, either.

I like to, you know, be helpful when I can.

[UPDATE: I'll be posting pictures soon, just so you can laugh at me and my sad, beat up little Nissan.]

A Few Photos

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Now that I have my laptop back, I can do a few fun things, like put up some photos.

It snowed a little last night (believe it), and that means it's spring! So, here are a few shots of some of my springtime, indoor plants. Don't forget that you can click on the photos for a better look.

The first is my daffodil. I've never had one before, and this one just bloomed the other day. Behind the flower are two more buds flanking thier leader. I'm excited. I have four more daffodil plants, but none of them seem too near to blooming.

Next up is my african violet. I just repotted and trimmed him down. He wasn't too happy at first, but as you can see he's gotten over it. Besides the flowers blooming, there are tons of buds ready to go.

Finally we have my pride and joy, my orchid. I've only had him a few months, so I was super happy to see him about to bloom. I have two photos, one right after I noticed it, and another one I just took today. For those in the know, he's a Colmanara, which means he'll have a stalk with a bunch of little flowers rather than one big one.

Finally, I finished the socks on which I was working. Here's a shot of them on my coffeetable. I may model them at some point.


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This is me blogging from my little laptop that could, all fixed up and ready to tear her teeth into those finals! I have to say, Dell was pretty slick through the whole thing. They even deferred to my diagnosis, which was nice. I know that a lot of these mass-market PC vendors get more mileage from doing drastic things (like wiping the OS and reinstalling when there's a problem with a driver), so I'm glad that they trusted someone who knew a little more than average about computers to correctly diagnose my own problem. Then they overnighted the part and I had the fully fixed computer from the guy they sent me to less than 24 hours later. Overall, not as unpleasant an experience as it could be. I have to admit that generally I don't think much of the quality of Dell's PCs, but this service experience was pretty good.

Of course, I'm not sure if it would have been if they had to diagnose the problem with a novice user behind the wheel, but that's a totally different thing.

In addition to that, I had a most fabulous time all day yesterday. I did the Wyoming Aids Walk, played tennis a while (my first time in somewhere around 15 years, and I pretty much suck - but it was way fun), had a great dinner at the best place in town (I think - and it's not too pricy, either), hit Drag Queen Bingo (which is truly the BEST TIME EVER and I highly recommend it) and ended up at the after-party for a while. Best of all, I spent pretty much the whole day with the Dancer who, in spite of all protestations otherwise, pretty much rocks to hang out with.

It was just the fun time I needed to get me ready for the last week + finals of my first year of law school.

Almost Done

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After a marathon session of reading, I've just finished all my assignments for the rest of the semester, with the exception of Torts, for which we have not yet received the remainder of our assignments. I'm unbelievably fried. It was so bad that a few hours ago when I tried to order a pizza I actually forgot my own address for an embarassingly long amount of time. I eventually made it through and achieved nourishment. Now the plan is to go to bed. I'll probably be mumbling about equal protection and intermediate scrutiny for gender-based classifications all night in my sleep. I'm sure my cats will be quite educated.

In other news, my computer is at the repair shop. The new motherboard should be fully installed tomorrow, barring some sort of other issue.

In new, other news, I'm using my desktop PC now, which I haven't used for typing for any significant period of time in quite a while. I have a Microsoft Natural Multimedia Keyboard, and I had forgotten how comfortable it is to use. I highly recommend it.

Now must sleep. I have a week of classes before two weeks of finals, and we all know what that means: Outlines!!

Friday Catblogging!

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. . . is postponed, due to computer problems. As soon as I get the new motherboard from Dell, I take my laptop to the local place to have the guy replace it. I could do it myself more conveniently, but I figure the local business could use the commission, and it's not too much trouble for me to run it down there and wait the 20-30 minutes it takes. In the meantime, check out the new quote.

In other news, I'm nearly done with my newest pair of socks. I can't wait. It's taking a long time because it's fairly thin yarn and very small needles. I'll post a photo when I'm done.

Guess what happens tomorrow? You got it: Drag Queen Bingo!!! I love it. I suppose that means I should go start my outlines.

Computer update

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The computer works touchily at home, not so much at school. I suspect it's because I have a humidifier at home that runs constantly and the underlying problem is some kind of microfracture, but we'll see. I'm currently in contact with Dell about resolving the issue. That is all. Special thanks to Travis for the loaner for finals.

If I manage to get the thing to work more consistently, there may be more blogging today. No promises.

[UPDATE: Laptop completely non-functional. Dell claims to be paratrooping in some support personnel. How about before finals, Dell?]

Expect me, expect me not

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I have not-quite two weeks of classes left, then two weeks of finals. Expect spotty posting. Oh, plus my computer seems to be freaking out. I'll have to call Dell and see if there is something they can do to help me diagnose it. I can get it to work, but it's rather delicate.

Quite frankly, now is the time for me to not care. I'm near-obsessive with my backing up of my law school stuff, so everything is on my USB drive. I'm more occupied with crawling to the finish line that closes out my second semester of law school.

It's time again for Friday Catblogging!!! As always, click on the thumbnail to enlarge.

Here's Sebastian batting at my little Anubis figurine, which I thought was amusing:

It's possible I already showed this one. If so, I'm sorry, but it is a good photo.

Finally, let's throw in a little Jupiter:

I've changed my quote, too. I've pushing it back in my pile for a long time, but I finally got to it. One of my favorite lines from just about any movie. I hope everyone has a great weekend; I'm hoping to get out of town on Saturday and get lots of work done. Maybe I could actually start my outlines?

This has been a mighty crazy week. On top of the usual stuff, classes and such, the moot (appellate) court competition happened, too. We got briefs and had to learn the underlying law and be able to advocate positions. We started reading the briefs on Monday, had to argue on Wednesday. It was quite a lot of work, of course.

We lost both rounds. It was a little discouraging because we thought we had done well the first night, but the second night we just thought our performance was really, really good. We still lost, but we felt great about how we did. It was definitely worth getting the practice, and was a lot of fun. We additionally got a lot of complements and occasional surprise that we were only first-year students.

It occurs to me that the moot court stuff is about the best part of school. I went to law school so that I could be a lawyer, and as a criminal lawyer I would expect to be in court a lot. I enjoy classes, but the competitions give me a chance to play lawyer for a day. It's a great carrot to help entice me along the way. So, I highly recommend participation in the competitions.

I'll have some catblogging up later. Keep watch!

The astute reader (and I know you all are, so really that's kind of redundant) will notice I've been a little slow on the posts the last few days.

I'm slammed.

I had my oral arguments for Appellate Advocacy last week. They seemed to go fairly well, but LATER THAT DAY I got the briefs in my box for the moot appellate court competition. To top it all off, the case (or, at least, my part of it) is related to tax court stuff. With any luck this is as close to taking any class related to taxes as I will ever get. I just don't think it's my thing. I've been scrambling to get a good understanding of the material so that I can argue the issue today and tomorrow, which truly isn't much time.

Add to this my job and regular classwork, and one can understand how crazy things have gotten this week. In fact, I'm going to see if I can squeeze in a contracts case before property class.

Law Prom Rocks!!

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I'm just barely home from Law Prom, Law Ball to those formal people out there. I did arrange for a ride based on the contingency that I wouldn't be able to drive home (likely). I anticipated that (thanks to J, my best friend, and to Travis, who is pretty close on the pole). Preliminary apologies, deserved or not, to the Kicker who didn't get the chance to see me a little pasted. I know she was looking forward to it.

Overall, I have to say I had a really fun time. Even more than that, I've hung out with the Dancer all weekend and had a MOST GREAT time. I still have a lot of work to do, but this time has been superfun. Particularly the Racquetball.

This is my first prom, really, and it was great. I highly recommend it to anyone who might be on the fence about it. Not actual high school prom, but law school events are fun!

Friday Catblogging!

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It's that time again. I've gone for a couple joint photos, in addition to Sebastian on the lap.

Have fun, and enjoy the new quote, too!

The last couple days have been strange, yet good. My partner and I finished our appellate advocacy class yesterday with what I considered to be smashing oral arguments. I think we did quite well. Of course, later that day I had the large packet of record and briefs associated with the upcoming moot court competition where I get to do it all over again, but hey, I signed up for it. I think it will actually be quite fun, particularly since my teammates and I are competing, not being graded.

Today was quite nice as well. I participated in the local Take Back the Night event, the first year in some time that I haven’t organized it. I had fun just going and being a participant. When I got back to the school to do some (more) work, I found a note in my box from the Law Review. My case note proposal was accepted. This means that I get to learn everything I ever wanted to know about Castle Rock v. Gonzales, which I’m looking forward to. This is not publication, not by a long shot, but it’s the first step.

Then I got a phone call: I’ve been elected the Vice-Magister of our local Phi Delta Phi chapter for next year. The chapter here is fairly small, however I’m looking forward to being active. It’s been a day full of good news!

I leave you all with an amusing footnote from a case I was looking at:

After painstaking deliberation, we have decided that we like the word “conclusory,” and we are distressed by its omission from the English language. We now proclaim that henceforth “conclusory” is appropriately used in the opinions of this court. Furthermore, its usage is welcomed in briefs submitted for this court’s review. Webster’s, take heed!

Greenwood v. Wierdsma, 741 P.2d 1079, 1086 n. 3 (Wyo. 1987).

Tune in tomorrow for a new quote and Friday Catblogging!


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I generally get up super-early. Like between 5:30 and 6:00 if I can manage it. I like to relax at home, have some tea, and get ready for the day.

But one of my neighbors inadvertently makes This time somewhat less enjoyable. Someone in my neighborhood has a deisel vihicle of some kind and warms it up for something like a half hour every morning. I wouldn't care so much, but it appears that the fumes, in order to assuage their agoraphobia, take refuge in my place.

So each and every morning, I relax, drink tea, and catch up on the news while smelling the sweet perfume of Eau de Truck. Hopefully once the weather really turns it won't be necessary to warm up the machine that long.

A little more on rankings

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Just to follow up on my little law school rankings tirade, I'd like to mention that even the dean of Yale Law (which has been the top-ranked for some time) signed a statement protesting the rankings, according to this article (link from How Appealing).

My favorite part is where USN&WR says that it's a combination of statistical data and "expert assessment data." Really? Because how many people are really that familiar with my school, or any other, for that matter? How many are really competent to rank all the law schools in the country, just shy of 200 (ABA Approved)? Not a one, I think. And if there's not much overlap in the reporting, how can they really compare schools?

In case you're wondering, here is the methodology. Notice how much of the score is based on "Quality Assessment." What I love is the whole, 'if you can't answer fairly, just put "don't know" on the survey' bit. How many people do you think could actually judge a place like Yale or Harvard? De novo, not just based on what they've heard? Not many, yet I'd guess there were quite a few scores relating to those schools.

Search term update

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Just for fun, let's take a look at a few search terms people have used to find the site:

dark goddess replevin: actually, not here, but check the sidebar.

cute cats: Guilty.

weblog cute: Why thank you!

dating disasters: Definitely the right place.

film more sit ded: Um, I don't know what you're trying to say. Have you tried medication?

taking a study break: Every chance I get!

And my personal favorite:

mackenzie's fine ass

I'm the twelfth hit on Google for that one. Which is kind of disheartening. I should go to the gym more often and maybe my pagerank will go up.

At least there's nothing totally X-rated yet. I'm sure it's just a matter of time, though.

Kitten alert

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For anybody in the greater Laramie metro*cough*politan area, there are very cute kittens at the animal shelter. View them here. You can click on the picture to get a larger one.

Two warnings:
1. If you see these kittens, you WILL want to take them home. I don't care if you're allergic or otherwise don't like cats. These things could make Dick Cheney's heart grow three sizes like a singing Who down in Whoville never could.
2. If Travis defies his the tyranny of his landlord, it will be with one of these kittens, so adopt at your own peril.

Not Completely Evil

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I've naturally never been a big fan of Cheney, but he acquitted himself well here, although how he couldn't have seen DeLay's remarks, I don't know. I'm guessing that's not true, but he didn't quite know how to respond. With any luck, DeLay's star is falling (as it should be, given all his improprieties).

Credit to the VP where credit is due.

'Bout time!

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I'm glad to see that DeLay is not going un-critiqued for his comments. Check out this post from How Appealing.

Back to work.

Friday Catblogging

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It's time again for Friday Catblogging!

I made a special effort to get some suitable photos this week. This first one is Jupiter in the usual position.

For this, I got an action shot. As it turns out, both Sebastian and I have the same favorite candy, albeit for different purposes:

Enjoy your weekend!

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