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Now that I have my laptop back, I can do a few fun things, like put up some photos.

It snowed a little last night (believe it), and that means it's spring! So, here are a few shots of some of my springtime, indoor plants. Don't forget that you can click on the photos for a better look.

The first is my daffodil. I've never had one before, and this one just bloomed the other day. Behind the flower are two more buds flanking thier leader. I'm excited. I have four more daffodil plants, but none of them seem too near to blooming.

Next up is my african violet. I just repotted and trimmed him down. He wasn't too happy at first, but as you can see he's gotten over it. Besides the flowers blooming, there are tons of buds ready to go.

Finally we have my pride and joy, my orchid. I've only had him a few months, so I was super happy to see him about to bloom. I have two photos, one right after I noticed it, and another one I just took today. For those in the know, he's a Colmanara, which means he'll have a stalk with a bunch of little flowers rather than one big one.

Finally, I finished the socks on which I was working. Here's a shot of them on my coffeetable. I may model them at some point.


Travis said:

I saw the socks this morning. I must be so privelaged to see them before the big runway show.

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