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Just to follow up on my little law school rankings tirade, I'd like to mention that even the dean of Yale Law (which has been the top-ranked for some time) signed a statement protesting the rankings, according to this article (link from How Appealing).

My favorite part is where USN&WR says that it's a combination of statistical data and "expert assessment data." Really? Because how many people are really that familiar with my school, or any other, for that matter? How many are really competent to rank all the law schools in the country, just shy of 200 (ABA Approved)? Not a one, I think. And if there's not much overlap in the reporting, how can they really compare schools?

In case you're wondering, here is the methodology. Notice how much of the score is based on "Quality Assessment." What I love is the whole, 'if you can't answer fairly, just put "don't know" on the survey' bit. How many people do you think could actually judge a place like Yale or Harvard? De novo, not just based on what they've heard? Not many, yet I'd guess there were quite a few scores relating to those schools.

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