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This is me blogging from my little laptop that could, all fixed up and ready to tear her teeth into those finals! I have to say, Dell was pretty slick through the whole thing. They even deferred to my diagnosis, which was nice. I know that a lot of these mass-market PC vendors get more mileage from doing drastic things (like wiping the OS and reinstalling when there's a problem with a driver), so I'm glad that they trusted someone who knew a little more than average about computers to correctly diagnose my own problem. Then they overnighted the part and I had the fully fixed computer from the guy they sent me to less than 24 hours later. Overall, not as unpleasant an experience as it could be. I have to admit that generally I don't think much of the quality of Dell's PCs, but this service experience was pretty good.

Of course, I'm not sure if it would have been if they had to diagnose the problem with a novice user behind the wheel, but that's a totally different thing.

In addition to that, I had a most fabulous time all day yesterday. I did the Wyoming Aids Walk, played tennis a while (my first time in somewhere around 15 years, and I pretty much suck - but it was way fun), had a great dinner at the best place in town (I think - and it's not too pricy, either), hit Drag Queen Bingo (which is truly the BEST TIME EVER and I highly recommend it) and ended up at the after-party for a while. Best of all, I spent pretty much the whole day with the Dancer who, in spite of all protestations otherwise, pretty much rocks to hang out with.

It was just the fun time I needed to get me ready for the last week + finals of my first year of law school.


ambimb said:

Congrats on getting your computer working again. I'm kind of a Dell hata, but it does sound like they treated you right here.

So what's the best restaurant in town these days? When I lived there, there weren't too many choices but The Overland and Jeffrey's were generally pretty great. I liked the brewpub that was open on, um, 3rd street (or was it 2nd street) for a while, kind of near the Fireside. I thought I heard that was gone, though. And it wasn't a place for great food, necessarily, but then, that's not generally why you go to a brewpub...

Mackenzie said:

They replaced the brewpub you're talking about with another one, the same owners as Lovejoy's on 1st and Grand. I never really went to the other one, but the replacement (called Altitude) is not too bad.

The best place in town is Sweet Melissa's Vegetarian Cafe, IMHO. It's between Ivinson and Grand on First. I'm not a vegetarian, but I just like the quality of the food. I'll agree with you that Jeffrey's is one of the best, too. And I like the Overland, though it's not in my top list.

Mackenzie said:

Oh, and I'm not generally a Dell fan, either, but they did pretty well here. And I'll say this for them: they've done well in making inexpensive computers available to a broad range of people, and I feel like access to technology for more than just people with money is pretty important. But I agree that their machines aren't what I generally would choose.

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