Finally, the end of the week.

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This has been a mighty crazy week. On top of the usual stuff, classes and such, the moot (appellate) court competition happened, too. We got briefs and had to learn the underlying law and be able to advocate positions. We started reading the briefs on Monday, had to argue on Wednesday. It was quite a lot of work, of course.

We lost both rounds. It was a little discouraging because we thought we had done well the first night, but the second night we just thought our performance was really, really good. We still lost, but we felt great about how we did. It was definitely worth getting the practice, and was a lot of fun. We additionally got a lot of complements and occasional surprise that we were only first-year students.

It occurs to me that the moot court stuff is about the best part of school. I went to law school so that I could be a lawyer, and as a criminal lawyer I would expect to be in court a lot. I enjoy classes, but the competitions give me a chance to play lawyer for a day. It's a great carrot to help entice me along the way. So, I highly recommend participation in the competitions.

I'll have some catblogging up later. Keep watch!


Jenn said:

Even though you didn't win doesn't mean you didn't do an oustanding job from all that I gather. You're right, it is a lot of fun. Do you wanna be a defense attorney or a prosecutor? or private practice?

Mackenzie said:

I'd really like to prosecute, which surprises some people. There aren't too many people like me: super-liberal people who want to prosecute. Maybe that's why I want to do it.

Jenn said:

I know what you mean, although one the good friends I've made is exactly like you. Her liberal twist comes out in certain ways - like she's only practice where there's no death penalty, etc.

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