Friday Catblogging!

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It's time again for Friday Catblogging!!! As always, click on the thumbnail to enlarge.

Here's Sebastian batting at my little Anubis figurine, which I thought was amusing:

It's possible I already showed this one. If so, I'm sorry, but it is a good photo.

Finally, let's throw in a little Jupiter:

I've changed my quote, too. I've pushing it back in my pile for a long time, but I finally got to it. One of my favorite lines from just about any movie. I hope everyone has a great weekend; I'm hoping to get out of town on Saturday and get lots of work done. Maybe I could actually start my outlines?

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Jenn said:

Love the pics! (I know, so original.) I love the action shots of Sebastian. He's funny.

And, Love the quote!

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