Friday Catblogging!

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. . . and some extra photo lovin'. Let's get to it.

Jupiter, of course.

Here's Jupiter posing next to a postcard sent to me by my friend, the Kicker. He loves having his picture taken.

For this shot, Jupiter decided he wanted to get a little active.

Now let's see some other miscellaneous photos. First we have two shots of my door injury:

Here's what happened to my front end. It doesn't look too bad, until you notice that the fender is fairly bent:

Finally, I'd like to share with all of you non-Wyoming people what spring looks like around here. This photo was taken yesterday. That's April 28, 2005. This was the view out my window in the morning, shortly after I got up.


Jenn said:

Congrats on last day of classes!!

Love the shots of Jupiter, that's about as active as cats get. And, what's on the postcard? A chipmunk eating a tarantula?

And the car stuff doesn't look too bad, so you're probably right not to melt down into a heap and commense taking anti-anxiety meds. But if it was worse, well then...

Mackenzie said:

He seems to be eating miscellaneous grasses and grains, as near as I can tell.

Jenn said:

Oh, and win hands down for worst spring weather ever!

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