Life is short

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It's a hard thing to realize the limits of life. I started reading a book the other day. It's a book I borrowed from my mother the last time I was in New Orleans. I start reading, and my mind wanders and I realize that I will never, never read all the books I would like to read in my life. I could read constantly and get a lot of reading done, but I'd never read them all.

Movies? I may be able to see all the movies I'd ever want to see, if I dedicated my entire life to it.

Music? There's an astounding amount of decent music to hear.

Travel? I'd like to travel a lot, but never will I actually be able to go everywhere and see everything.

There are 6 billion people in the world, and if even 20% are cool and worth knowing (which seems a little low), that's 1.2 million. I'll never know even a small fraction of them. These are all especially true when you account for the fact that I'd like to do as much of all these things as possible.

Life is all about your priorities, so what are your priorities today?

One of mine is Catblogging, so I'll have a very special edition up later today.


Rahim said:

I gave up on trying to read all the books, watch all the movies, listen to all the music, and traveling to all corners of the earth, but I not giving up on knowing every person on this planet. Nope. Never. Not gonna do it.


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