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It looks like I'm all set for the summer. I've mentioned my contracting work for the WY Health Care Commission before (though I can't go into any details). That's been about 10 hours per week so far this semester, and I expect it to continue through the calendar year. Unfortunately, 10 hours per week, while a nice supplement during the year, doesn't pay the summer bills. I applied for an internship with the state AG's office and didn't get anything. I was set to take a chill summer waiting tables or something (might actually be kind of relaxing), when something came up.

An internship became available in the Department of Health working on the legal aspects of the Tobacco Master Settlement. It should be fascinating work, and pays decently, considering that it's not contract work so I don't have to reserve any tax money.

I got a phone call on Tuesday (while at the body shop getting estimates on my poor car), interviewed on Wednesday, and they offered it to me on the spot. I wanted to work out a way to maintain my prior commitment to my contracting work, so I asked for some time to discuss summer hours with my contact with the Commission. I'm happy to report that I've verbally accepted the internship position for the summer. It's no BigLaw-type salary, but I get to do some legal work over the summer (in two ways!) and I'll make enough to live while there is no school, and maybe enough to save up a little. True, I'll have a 50-mile commute each way, but it's worth it, I think.

At least I won't have to worry about the winter weather. It should stop snowing by June, right? Right?


Jenn said:

So jealous of your substantive legal experience I can't stand it:) Congrats to you! I will be able to be found watching my bank account numbers go down for sport.

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