Bad Sign

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Without going into too much detail: when you're staying somewhere and there are signs in the communal bathroom that say, "Yell Flush: the showers can burn!" that is a bad sign.


Jenn said:

Ewww...that's almost as bad as the hostel I stayed at in Athens where there was no bathroom on our floor and the shower was a faucet above the toilet - blech!

Preston said:


Almost a day has gone by and no post on the apointment of John Roberts to the US Supreme Court? Man you must be busy. I was just courious to see what a lefty thinks about this choice.

Mackenzie said:

Heh, Lefty. I like it.

Yeah, I'm at a conference right now, plus there's another limitation. I don't know much about the dude, so I don't feel qualified enough to comment right now. I'm hoping to broaden my horizons in the next week or so.

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