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I'm usually a big fan of the technology. I'm not a huge fan of technology for the sake of technology; I think it really has to be useful. Neat doesn't cut it.

Podcasting is a great example. I've expressed my opinion in the past. I listened to some podcasts from the Legal Underground and AI, but I wasn't super impressed. I liked AI's, other than being a bit short (because I was entertained), but Evan's were not really my thing. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of Evan, and I love the mugs he sent me, but his podcasts were not really inspiring to me. There seems to have been some improvements lately, and I'm looking forward to seeing what he does with it in the future.

Anyway, I recently gave podcasting another try with the new iTunes. I've found a few really cool shows and been really impressed by the entertainment and education value. I'm hooked, with the one exception that there's a natural limit to how many podcasts one can fit in. Right now, including a lot of back episodes, I have almost 3 Gigs of audio to get through. Most of the shows are weekly, so I should catch up in short order. It's pretty fun.

In miscellaneous other news, I just want to drop a shout out to the Dancer, out with whom I hung for an hour last night. Also, a shout out to my best friend J, who turned me on to the half-price bottle night at Grand Ave. Pizza. We had a great Chianti that neither of us would have bought at full price. It's our new knitting spot! Finally, thanks to the Laramie City Council for passing a recorking law. That meant that J and I had no pressure to finish that great bottle and, in fact, she took home an alcoholic doggie bag. It's Great!

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