What's up with the press?

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I'm not sure what's going on these days. I can't figure out why the press isn't going after Carl Rove a lot more. There's blood in the water, or so I would think.

What's more, nobody seems to be looking at where the ultimate responsibility lies. I mean, really, it's so frustrating to see people focus on Rove when I really think his boss needs to take responsibility for those actions. This isn't limited to Republicans, by the way; I think Clinton also failed to take responsibility for some of the actions of his employees.

If Bush were smart, he'd fire Rove. As a political animal, I'm sure he'd understand. This would also be a great way to promote the issue of integrity, which would be good when Jeb runs, which I'm sure he'll do at some point.

Of course, as a pretty anti-Bush guy, I hope he doesn't do the politically smart thing. It seems to me that Bush is pretty much done, and the more mistakes he makes, the better for whoever runs Democratic in the next election. I hope that it's all downhill from here.

(Incidentally, credit where credit is due. I'm glad Bush met with Democratic leaders about his Supreme Court nominee. Not that I'm terribly optimistic about whether he listened, but it's an improvement.)


Jenn said:

Good call and observation. I'm interested in seeing what comes out in Roberts' confirmation hearings, if anything.

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