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This law student is still at the library, even though it is closed. I'll probably be here at least two more hours. (I'm not sure if I mentioned it earlier, but the library here allows one to stay past hours by signing in.) I have a draft of my note due on Monday, along with a paper for Criminal Adjudication. It is not a good combination. I've finished with a not-terribly-good draft of my paper, and am currently trying to wrap up some revisions on my note. I may be able to finish it tonight (or tomorrow morning, as it were), though I may instead elect to leave the final pass for a little later. The final pass will be to ensure that I've properly complied with the Bluebook rules. Rules like 10.9(a), 12.4, and 13.2(c). Trust me, if you don't already know, you don't want to.

Anyway, it is time to push through. I have a couple pages of revisions and some added content to add tonight, at least.

Here's Neil!

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I'm here in the law library. I'll be here until 11 or 12, just as I was yesterday and expect to be tomorrow. I have a paper for Criminal Adjudication due the same day as my next case note draft, which pretty much negates the benefits of having two weeks for this draft. (OK, not completely, it is still a lot better than before.)

Anyway, I promised I'd have my great pictures of Neil posted. There's some sour with the sweet, though: I'm in one of the shots. It's not terribly flattering (less than usual) because I'm in the middle of asking him a question, but there it is.

Also, I didn't take these photos, so I don't own them. This means they don't fall into the CC license that the rest of the site content does. This means you can't use them except with the permission of the owner, who is not me. Don't take them.

Neil is waiting to be introduced

Still waiting.

You can probably guess he's talking. This is before the reading.

Neil while he does the reading.

Neil at the signing table.

Finally, there's Neil signing my copy of his new book, Anansi Boys. It will be debuting on the New York Times bestseller list at number one next week.

Maybe I'll get to read it sometime in October.

I Saw Neil!

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I went to the book signing last night, with Neil Gaiman, which I'd been looking forward to for months. Even though my friend J had to decline to go (she was really disappointed), it was still a really fun time. Neil is really nice and funny. He read from his new book a bit and answered questions. Apparently, they started shooting on his Beowulf script on Monday, which is pretty exciting. A lot of big names are attached.

I'll have some pics up later today or tomorrow. The guy behind me in line was nice enough to email some to me.

Back to being busy

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Ah, yes, time off. Not from school, of course, but from my Case Note. I had a two week break while the editors looked at our latest drafts and that is the reason you haven't seen me post lately. Not that I haven't had the time, but that I'm afraid I had slightly different priorities. I actually managed to read a couple books for fun during this down time, which was quite nice.

All that is at an end now. We have our drafts back and I have considerable work to do. On reflection, I do think that this second year of school, while being busy, would be really fairly easy if not for all the extracurricular stuff. In addition to the Note, I'm active in several clubs, two of which I hold officer positions. These aren't as much work, though.

So I will be back to blogging and reading blogs, but I do think my reading will have to be curtailed somewhat. There is so much great content out there, but I'm afraid I have to prioritize a bit more right now.

Speaking of which, I had earlier mentioned Stella's new blog. She seems to have taken to it quite nicely. I'm ashamed to say that I haven't been keeping up with it (remember, no reading blogs in about three weeks), but I intend to remedy that. I've put a link on my sidebar, which I had to alphabetize, but I also wanted to draw a little extra attention to it.

I'll have more regular posting in the future, I'm sure. Unlike others, I don't think I necessarily have to post every day, but more than Friday Catblogging would be nice.

Today I bring you a very special Friday Catblogging: a solicitation to take kittens.

As I've mentioned before, my parents live in New Orleans and, along with their feline menagerie, were displaced with the hurricane and flooding and everything. This does bring one opportunity, however. Among the cats are three kittens. They are about 5 or 6 weeks old and will thus shortly be ready to go to their new humans.

Allow me to stress that these kittens are a serious responsibility and they need a good, permanent homes. They are in Wyoming, so they unfortunately are not available to those who are too far away. I think they will be ready at about 8 weeks to go to their new homes. We believe that the kittens are 2/3 male.

Here are the video files: (sorry, Mac users, they are in .wmv format)

Large (16 MB)
Small (7 MB)

It's not a super great video, but it is my first. I may edit a little later, but probably not, as it serves its purpose.

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

[Update: There is music, so make sure you can hear it. Also, if you are interested in a kitten, email me at the address on the right-hand sidebar.]

Friday Catblogging

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Hey, everybody, it's time for Friday Catblogging! This week we have Sebastian again. Sorry in advance for my feet in the photos.

Tori Live!

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I returned tonight to Laramie after spending the day south of the border. Colorado, that is. Tonight was the Tori Amos concert at Red Rocks Ampitheatre.

This was my fourth Tori concert. The first and third were somewhat disappointing as they were in an "arena" with terrible acoustics and I had awful seats. My second was in the Paramount Theatre, which is a really great venue. It wasn't too big, so I could see, and the acoustics were great. This concert was, of course, at Red Rocks. For those not in the area, it's an outdoor venue with pretty steep bench-style stadium seating. The sound engineers did a great job. It sounded crisp and full, but without blasting too loud.

Tori herself did an excellent job. She performed the songs from her new album, of which I have been critical, quite well. I will have to give it another listen. For her older songs, she changed them a bit, which she usually does. I really liked the way she performed them this time around. She did two encores and included what is probably my favorite song, Tear in Your Hand, and J's favorite song, Cooling.

My one complaint (you knew it was coming) was the T-shirt stand and the guys working it. It was probably the slowest one I've ever seen. I've been to a few concerts and normally the people working are little tornadoes of apparel and cash. Their job is to get as many people's money as possible. These guys were slow. Without any exaggeration, J and I were in line for 45 minutes to an hour. We completely missed the first opening act (I don't know who) and part of the second, the Ditty Bops (who were really good.) Some people were actually trying shirts on while everyone else waited! Who does that!!

Aside from that, though, it was a great experience. Since I have more revisions to do on my Case Note, though, I intend to pull my first all-nighter of law school to finish it. My lineup of classes tomorrow? Trusts and Estates, Civil Procedure, and Admin.

Oh yeah, they will be fun on no sleep.

Worth it, though.

All Clear

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Just a quick note on how my family is faring after the destruction of the city in which they previously lived.

My mother made it safely to Cheyenne with all the animals. I will shortly be soliciting for offers to permanently accept some of these animals into various homes. In other words, MackenzieMom would like to unload some cats, and since she is now in a geographic location closer to me, I am better able to use my few connections to find some good homes for those cats. There are a few kittens who will be ready for a home in the next couple weeks, as well as some adult cats (all spayed/neutered). I will have more information later, but start thinking about it.

On the financial front, my stepfather's employer hospital is allowing all displaced employees to stay on the payroll. They are requesting that any personnel who are able relocate to a place where they have another hospital and work there. If the job is not the same as the original one, they will keep paying the same salary. They are willing to pay for a small apartment in other places in addition to the salary.

What this means for my parents is that they can keep up with their financial obligations. My stepfather, while currently in a management position, is also qualified as an x-ray technician. Even if he ends up doing that somewhere (maybe Denver? I think he's only licensed in Colorado and Louisiana. Maybe Wyoming, but I don't think his employer has any hospitals here), he will be paid the prior salary.

We won't know what the house looks like for quite some time, however I can only think offhand of a few things looters would be at all interested in. These things are easily replaceable with insurance. The irreplaceable things probably don't have much value to anyone but my family.

So we wait. I don't know when people will be allowed back into New Orleans, but it appears I may be hosting a holiday dinner or two this year instead of my family.

It could have been far, far worse for us, and it has been for many others. I understand well what a good position my family is in, and don't take it for granted.

Friday Catblogging

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We're back with Friday Catblogging. Last week I was going to post the below photos, but I elected to go with the pictures from when I went out last Thursday instead. No such fun stuff this week (I'm slammed with my Note). So, here are this week's photos. I decided to start the year off with a bang.

Early in the summer, it became apparent to me that it was really getting hot inside. My cats are both long-haired, and they appeared to be pretty mopey about the temperature. I did something about it. For the record, neither of them really enjoyed the process (though Sebastian, below, thought I was petting him for a long time), but they both seemed quite pleased with the result. I'll probably do this again next year, but I may just pay someone to do it. You'll notice I left their heads, legs, and tails because I didn't want them to get too cold.

Have a great weekend!

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