First Snow

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Winter stretches forth its fingers and begins to squeeze this little hamlet in its icy grip.

Or maybe it's just the first snow of the year. That's probably a more accurate characterization. It's a bit snowy and slushy. The temperature is just at freezing, but it may warm up a little as the day goes on. This is not early. If anything, this is one of the later snows in my recent memory. Last year, the first snow came on the official last day of summer.

I seem to be adept at filling my time. Just when the latest draft of my case note was turned in, the preparations for the trial court competition began. Between that and classwork, I've been rather busy, again.

On the up side, I took Saturday off to go see Death Cab for Cutie. Myself and my group were planning on eating Ethiopian food in Ft. Collins, but the restaurant was illogically only open for dinner. We ended up going to an Irish pub. This was cool. We also went to dinner at an Irish pub once we got into Denver, so it was quite a British day.

The show was excellent and fun. We had a pretty good view. Pursuant to my concert policy, I came away with a t-shirt. I also picked up a new knitting bag, seeing as how I was outgrowing my prior one.

I highly recommend catching the show.

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