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New Diet

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I think last night I discovered the perfect diet. I call it "The Wendy's Diet." We all know that many times, going to a fast food establishment is hit or miss. The fries could have been made an hour ago, or they could be fresh out of the greasy goodness. Sometimes, when everything works perfectly, you get a great experience.

The Wendy's Diet works like this: go to Wendy's and order, as I did, nuggets and fries. When they are the most horrible, old, cold, and dried-up specimens, you won't be able to eat them. You'll throw them away, and you've just eaten less than you otherwise would. That happened to me last night. I think the nuggets tasted like plastic.

On the way home, after I'd sampled the nuggets (I have a habit of eating while driving), I was trying to think of what I would say if it were worth my time to call and complain. I have a few options:

  • I think these came from the freezer, you should fry them first.
  • I work in a mental hospital, and I've begun to envy the patients who eat their own feces.
  • I'm sorry, I think you misunderstood me. I wanted real nuggets, not the display models.
  • (My personal favorite) I worked at this Wendy's ten years ago (true, for about three months) and I remember making these particular nuggets myself.

Any more ideas? Feel free to comment.

Friday Catblogging

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Once again, here is Friday Catblogging. You'll notice that I continue to milk the kittens. I expect that to continue until I run out of kitten photos.

Promises for the Future

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For law review, we have to check footnotes on articles by actual practitioners. These authors are often professors, but are also often skilled practitioners in particular fields. We have to make sure that the cites are in the correct format, and that they (and the quotes) are accurate. Seeing as I hope to be one of these skilled practitioners in the future, I would like to make a set of promises to those students who will eventually be checking my footnotes:

  • I will not cite to the syllabus of a Supreme Court case (similar to the abstract of a scientific article), thereby requiring a student to search the case for the text that supports the proposition I need.
  • I will constantly strive to provide accurate quotations, neither adding nor deleting words.
  • If I alter a quote, I promise to indicate the alterations.
  • I will use proper parentheticals (for example, to indicate where quote within quoted material came from).
  • I will cite every sentence that contains quoted material, and every sentence that indicates something I have learned from another source.
  • I will make some mistakes, no matter all my efforts.

    That last bit isn't a promise so much as a warning. Mistakes will happen. To my brothers and sisters doing the same thing at their law schools: I feel your pain, my people.

  • Here it Comes

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    Normally, I try not to post another entry on a day I do catblogging, but today is a momentous day. I now have my class schedule set up for next semester. The classes are: Professional Responsibility, Evidence, Criminal Procedure, Family Law, Lawyering Skills, and Civil Pretrial Practice. This is 17 credits of legal goodness. I think it will be an awesome semester, and I'm looking forward to it. I'll get to put my law review credits on next year, too, which will be (I think) two per semester.

    I have six actual days of classes left, with some breaks added in there, and then it is two weeks of finals for me. Better get cracking.

    Friday Catblogging . . .

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    . . . has returned!

    Some of you are aware of what happens to a second-year law student who pretty much gets involved in anything in which he has the least bit of interest. For those of you who don't, that's me. Example: I got out of class at a little before noon, did some class reading for a couple hours, finished up some cite-checking for law review, went to a volunteer meeting at SAFE Project (they're revising the system, and now I am a "Team Leader" of volunteers), then I went back to the law school to do some paid work for the city. I left the law school around a quarter to midnight, and when I got home I did a little more work.

    This is a bit of an atypical day because of the volunteer meeting. Normally, I wouldn't have that, so I might get out at about 10:00 or 10:30. All of this is just an excuse for letting Friday Catblogging and the Quote of the Week lapse these several months.

    But we're back! I've got a load of great kitten photos, some of which I used in the kitten video. I bring you two of them today.

    Have a great weekend!

    Snow Photos

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    I promised I'd post some snow photos, so here we are. First, some comments. The snow we got the other day wasn't terribly deep, it was just sudden and wet and fluffy and made people drive like lobotomized houseplants. This probably includes me. Also, I should comment on Laramie's sublimation. It is so dry here that when we don't get snow, and if it stays cold enough, the snow will still slowly disappear, simply skipping over the whole "water" part. This is not the case yet, because a) we haven't had snow long enough to see it happen, and b) the snow is disappearing more to melting than anything else. I mention it because what you see in the photos will look a lot like what it looks like all year round. It's just really, really dry here.

    This is a shot from the law library window, second (top) floor, in the evening as the sun sets. The dome-ish thing is the Arena Auditorium where the university has its basketball games, and probably other events.

    This is also from the second floor of the law library, but this one is just at dawn the next day.

    Here's the same window, slightly different angle. If you look closely, you may see the city cemetery across the street. I love the fire hydrant sitting next to the tree, sort of the middle of nowhere.

    Finally, just for fun, here is the same shot this morning. We had a spot of snow coming down at the time. You'll notice there has been some melting by now.

    It's Winter!

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    As of yesterday, it is winter in Laramie, according to my definition.

    What is my definition, you ask? Well, I say that winter starts when we get the first snowfall that makes people drive in an unreasonable manner. For some reason, people drive rather strange very early in the year. They either seem to be utter maniacs without any concern for the ice on the road, or they seem to be overly cautious, being outrun by the old woman in her walker.

    I tend to be sort of middle-of-the-road, though I am probably a little more cautious than I would be in similar conditions later in the year. It is quite an experience to be sandwiched between the two extremes like that. I'm constantly on the lookout for someone who thinks they can dart across an intersection or, alternatively, who is going so slow that they appear stopped without measurement with expensive physics apparati.

    Of course, the slow people probably think I drive like a maniac, and the maniacs probably think I'm a little old lady.

    Sharing my Education:

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    This goes into the category of things only people who go to my law school will understand. Feel free to speculate, though.


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    I was informed today that my case note, on the subject of Castle Rock v. Gonzales, has been selected for publication in the summer of 2006. It is not quite as soon as I had hoped, as this case is relatively topical, yet I'm happy to have been selected for publication. I worked hard enough, after all.

    This is my first academic publication, though hopefully not the last. I must admit I am quite proud. I think I make a good argument explaining why the Supreme Court was completely wrong in deciding this case. My position is that the Court disregarded state law. So much for Federalism.

    Anyway, that is one thing, among very few others, which is going right.

    I suppose another would be my recent purchase of Season 1 of "The Greatest American Hero." I loved that series when I was a kid, and now my childhood dreams are fulfilled. Except that I didn't dream of DVD as a child, but, you know, details.

    I Can Never Have Anything Nice

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    Although, of course, I do now. My first fountain pen arrived yesterday, a Sheaffer Prelude Tortoiseshell. It is cheap for a fountain pen, though it would have been more expensive if I had gotten it at full price. I filled it (it takes cartridges, but also came with a converter - and I happened to have a supply of ink) and have been using it ever since.

    I love it. Not only does it have a nice weight to it, but the writing is really smooth with virtually no pressure. It has a fine point, which actually ends up looking like the equivalent of an extra-fine on a roller ball pen. Of course, I say that this is my first pen because I will probably end up collecting a little. I have a tendency towards expensive hobbies, I'm afraid. Soon I'll graduate, though, and hopefully have a nice, stable job and the ability to indulge a few of these pricey preoccupations. I should add this page to my wish list. In particular, I like the pewter "Scales of Justice" holder. I could also use the silver plate inkwell, or the mahogany desk stand.

    Sooner or later, I'll probably start looking into vintage pens. I especially love the look of these Sheaffer "snorkel" varieties. Ah, well, I suppose it will have to wait.

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