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Even More Photos

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This is the part where we get to some pretty awful photos. I have to say, it can be absolutely numbing to do these drive-throughs. After a while, the number of lives devastated run together and create this sort of numbness. Some people are already rebuilding, some further along than others. In aggregate, though, it's absolutely astounding.

The following pictures are from the Arabi area. This neighborhood was filled with squat, solid-looking one story brick homes. There are some variations, but that is pretty much what you will see most commonly. It is hard to see the level of devastation from the pictures; it just doesn't come through all that well. Nevertheless, you may be able to get some idea of what it looks like. Remember that each and every one of these homes was flooded. We saw things like chairs, mattresses, and park benches all washed up on the roof of this home or that. Many people came home to find that their possessions had floated away, but other people's possessions had floated in. I can only imagine coming home to find this:

More Photos

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I have some more photos. Today we drove down to some of the harder-hit areas. I got some pictures of the 9th ward and some other hard-hit areas, but I'll be showing those in good time. For now, check out these:

This is in the same area as the previous photos. You can see the flooded-out car here.

Here is a house, or the first few feet of a house, that burned out during the flooding. I think it is beyond the help of Terminex.

This is the neighbor to the house in the previous photo. It is somewhat obscured by the tree that fell over, but you can still see the iron latticework that is pretty much all that remains.

This tree is full of the tar paper that is used to roof houses. It appears (though I'm not certain) that it got caught in the tree during the flooding and is still there with the water gone.

I mentioned before that one of the startling things about seeing the water lines is how high they stood. I'm not sure it comes through in this picture, but this is a water line on a house, and it is taken from below. In other words, the water was higher than I am tall.

That's all for now. I will have more in the next couple days.

Hello from New Orleans

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Well, here I am in New Orleans. I've already taken a bit of a tour around the city to see some of the damage. My first impression is that there is just trash everywhere. In the pretty-good areas, it is just as if there has been a lot of littering. In the bad areas, there are big piles of it. I'm going to mete out the photos slowly, so there isn't this overload of them. Today I'll feature photos I took yesterday.

This first photo is from a bank drive-through. I took this because you can pretty clearly see the water lines on the pillars. Note that the pavement is clear. This part of the lot has been cleaned of all the sludge and silt.

This photo is the same parking lot, just from a different angle. You can see the difference with the sludge. Note again the water lines on the building.

Finally, I took the following photo because of the lawn. That big brown portion once was a lawn. It was submerged long enough (and probably the water was fairly toxic) to really kill all the grass.

I'll be posting more photos soon.

On a personal level, I'm relaxing quite a bit. I did many hours of work today for the state (I wanted to get my stuff for them done in the next day or two), but in spite of that I've read two books plus made a good start on a third. I also plan on finishing a sweater, one project for the city (my boss there says I need to relax and is not giving me more work until I get back), I have some volunteer work for SAFE and my case note revision to do, as well. A nice relaxing break, without classes.

Friday Catblogging . . .

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. . . plus!

I've discovered the joys of Stumble. It is the best thing since the wheel, and I'm not kidding. The basic idea is that when a user comes upon a cool idea, they tag it. When you use Stumble, you select the general categories you like, then when you hit the button (it installs a toolbar; I use the Firefox plugin) it takes you to a random cool site. I've found sites such as this, this, this, and this. There are not quite countless others.

Now for the cats:

In the mean time, consider this page. I'll admit that I'm a bit of a geek, but there are certain things I must correct. Even if they only apply to me:

  • I don't care much about Star Trek. I think it's cool and all, but I don't follow every episode, nor am I emotionally attached to the characters. I must also add that I find the inclusion of Babylon 5 in this category almost offensive. It is a far superior series. I have all of them on DVD, if anyone is interested.
  • Geeks aren't into cooking for themselves? I beg to differ. There's little I love more than to have a friend or half-dozen over for an amazing meal. I'm not too terribly shy about proclaiming myself a pretty damn good cook, and I love to have people over to share. I'll allow the comments to speak for themselves (if I've ever needed you, Dancer, now is the time!)
  • I must admit that I do take my work home with me, but in my case, that will be the law. I love it, and it has become part of me. Deal with it.
  • Re: Real Life Friends: you will not be setting any of them up with any of your friends unless your friends are men. Even then, most of my friends (men or women) are already involved. You won't find a treasure trove of geeks by going through me.
  • Geeks aren't necessarily all about computers. They can be about any kind of arcane sub-specialty. In my case, I'm a bit of a LawGeek (though I must admit to certain ComputerGeek tendencies). Be cognizant of your geeks orientation.

I've just finished my last exam am now fully halfway through with law school. I'm basking. I'll probably reflect on this more as it really hits me. I'm heading to New Orleans tomorrow for the break. Fun!

Which Endless am I?

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I'm Death!
Which Member of the Endless Are You?

And here's another one:

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All About Life

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I'm waxing philosophical as I sit in the law school, eating some fruit and preparing for another day of studying:

Law school is like an under ripe pear: you expect it to be sooo good, but when you bite into it, it's just not what you expected. Of course, you have to either finish eating it or throw it away, and that's just wasteful. So you eat it, and think about how good it could be.

Seriously, I still love school, just don't expect me to say that until after final exams.

Friday Catblogging!

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Here's a quick Catblogging entry before I go take my ConLaw II final exam:

An End to Civil Procedure

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With any luck, I will never have to take a civil procedure class again. I had that exam this morning. I'm glad to be done. Now my plan is to prepare for ConLaw on Friday. I feel pretty good about the test, largely as a result of studying with my new friend H.

It was cold this morning. My computer said it was -24 when I got up. On my way to the law school, the bank told me it was -27. So here I am, it's really, really cold (to the point that my clutch sort of slowly came up when I took my foot off it, and I had to use both hands to shift), and I have a Civil Procedure exam at 9:00 am. There can be only one conclusion to draw:

Hell really has frozen over.

Civil Procedure Preparation

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This year, our first final is in Civil Procedure. I'm rather pleased about this. I like that what is probably one of the tougher subjects (or at least one of the most stressful) is first.

To help prepare for the exam, I've prepared a handy visual guide to Civil Procedure II. This is the subject as I understand it:

If I can help just one person get a better grade . . .

Friday Catblogging!

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Before I get into the cats this week, I've been showing off this Video that Jenn found to a lot of people, and they have requested a link. Well, here's a link to Jenn's entry on the matter. I hope you enjoy it. I certainly have.

I should note that yesterday was my last day of classes. Two weeks of finals, and I am officially halfway done with law school. I anticipate it will feel quite nice, though I'm trying not to think about it much because I still have a lot of work to do. I am really looking forward to next semester, though, with all the great classes I'm taking.

World Aids Day

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Others have written about this, so I'll just direct you there.

I Almost Died!

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I forgot to blog about my first high speed car chase. Don't misunderstand, I wasn't a participant.

I went to a book signing in Denver with J, my best friend, and her husband. On the way back, we saw an HP with a car pulled over. We drove by and didn't think much of it. A few minutes later, we see the lights going off. Well, being the good citizens we are, we started to pull over a little (J's husband was driving). The problem is that the lights are moving up really, really fast. It doesn't take much to realize that the cop doesn't care about us, and that it may be safer to just stay where we are. The cop tears by us . . . just after someone in some kind of sporty car I didn't get a great look at. The car takes an exit (weaving its way through a couple other cars), and I don't know what happened after that.

The cars were probably going at least 90 MPH, maybe more. I'm sure when I move to a larger city, such things will be an all-too-frequent occurrence, but for now it is notable.

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