On Relaxing and Cat Vomit

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It has been a lovely little break so far, but it's back to work tomorrow.  Cleaning my house has been the most taxing thing, and even that has been rather nice as I cleaned out my computer room to such a degree that I would allow other humans to see the inside.  Today, for example, I got up at 7 (sleeping in for me) and drank tea while catching up on some of the 50,000 blogs I lamely attempt to read.  I'll be leaving for a bit to pick up the intrepid travellers from the airport, with a lunch stop in Cheyenne.

Last night I had a friend over for dinner and a movie.  I made gumbo.  Sorry to all my friends out of town, but I promise I'll do it again.  It was pretty fun.

One unsettling thing, though.  You know when you are in the middle of sleeping and you kinda-sorta wake up a little to the sound of a cat *HWORK*ing?  Then you know how--after a brief panicy flailing to make sure said feline is not on the bed--your lower brain decides to just deal with it in the morning?  Then you know how sometimes you wake up thinking that the first thing to do on this bright sunny day is to track down the cat vomit and eliminate it?  Then you look all over the house and realize there appears to be no cat vomit anywhere?

Yeah, me neither.


E. McPan said:

No, in my case there always IS cat vomit. :( In fact, there was some just today.

Mackenzie said:

Sadly, I don't have any lack of those, either.

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