It's Go Time

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I have one more week of classes before finals, then it's a new job. I'm having a hard time getting stressed out about my exams this semester, which is probably bad, but I've been keeping up with classes all semester. That makes it more difficult to feel overwhelmed. I do need to get cracking on my outlines, but there's time for that. I figure once I get that done, I'll be able to go about my business with an outline in my hand, just reading it.

I did take some time off today to engage in a little support. Today was the annual Wyo. AIDS Walk. As I do every year, I got some donations and walked. Of course, tonight is also Drag Queen Bingo, which is really the best entertainment ever. Mere words cannot describe the amount of fun this is. My stomach will hurt tomorrow from laughing so hard for so long. If you ever get a chance to go, take it. You won't be sorry.

I've been cooking things from scratch more lately, too. I've already mentioned using my mixer a bit more, but I'm also finding that homemade pasta is super easy and quick to make, and it's really damn good. I think it might be as cheap or cheaper than commercial pasta, and the taste beats it hands-down. Plus I can customize by adding things to the pasta dough. Yummy. I got another (cheapo) coffee grinder to grind spices extremely fine. I even found a pasta roller and ordered it for half the MSRP.

I heart Froogle.

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