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Yesterday I appeared for the first time in person. I was arguing a motion. The judge granted the motion from the bench, which was somewhat surprising. For about the next ten minutes, I can say I haven't lost a case. Of course, I don't think my little 1-0 record will get me terribly far, but who knows?

Delightful Morning

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It's getting to the time of year when it is still pretty dark when I get up to run, which is about 4:45 am. Today is a great example of how pleasant it can be, though. When I got to the riverfront greenbelt, it appeared to be night, with the exception of a pale glow coming from the eastern mountains. It wasn't any particular color, this glow, and it wasn't very bright. It was just barely enough to make most of the stars disappear.

As I ran, it grew lighter only slowly. About three-fourths of the way, the light had crossed some invisible threshold that, in my mind, separates night from morning. The best part? There were a few scattered clouds across the sky. It was just the right amount to allow the new sunlight to reflect from. That light started out with oranges and reds and slowly expanded, adding blues and purples. It was quite a pleasant sight, as I'm huffing and puffing through my seven miles. There were no deer this morning, but I could still see something to start the day off right.

Also, it's a half-day at work today, so I can go to the financial aid office and fill out any residual paperwork needed to get me some livin' money for the next nine months or so. Score!

Good Vibrations

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All across the country this morning, would-be lawyers (and, I suppose, lawyers moving jurisdictions) are sitting down with a bluebook, typewriter, laptop, or bubblesheet to spew forth their legal knowlege. Bar examiners will then sift through the result, measure the chunky bits, and decide if the spewer should be allowed to practice law. The procedure varies by state, but I believe almost all the exams start today.

So, to everybody taking the bar, I'm sending my positive thoughts your way.

That reminds me, I really should start preparing for the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE), which is closing in rather quickly (August 4).

My First

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Today, my first brief was filed with the Wyoming Supreme Court. This marks my first appearance in any court. It is quite exciting for me; it is the first time I put my name on the dotted line. I am actually representing a client. It's pretty cool.

It does come pretty late in the summer, but the review process was a bit backed up earlier. I should have another two getting filed pretty soon here, and perhaps one more, if I can get them to give me another.

It feels good to think I am actually acting like a lawyer,

We almost hit another woodland creature today. A deer, this time. I think it was female. It had no antlers, and I'm pretty sure their antlers are coming in. I've seen quite a few on the road in the morning on the way to work, and I see at least one about three times per week on my 5 a.m. run. They're starting to get pretty big.

My dinner wasn't what I expected tonight. I'm working on this brief that has to be done very soon, no extensions, so I skipped lunch today. I was starving by the time I got home, around 6:20 or so.

Lately, I've been finding one of the better dinner ideas to be a Chicken Alfredo Lean Cuisinne Skillet Sensations. It's decent to start with, but I sort of supplement it, anyway. I add a few miscellaneous vegetables like some zucchini, yellow squash, onions, and a sliced jalapeno. It adds some flavor and some bulk (I'm a big eater) but not a ton of calories. All told, it comes in at less than 700. Calories, that is.

So today, I had the vegetables cooking in the pan, ready for my industrialized, low-calorie treat. But I was out. It was quite unfortunate. Instead, I threw in a bunch more vegetables, green and red peppers, mostly, and kept it going. I also tore my refrigerator apart looking for some protein-ey goodness. I found some chicken thighs I had left over from Saturday's lunch with MackenzieMom.

I ate them like a rabid beast. There was nothing left but bone. That took the edge off, then I ate my mound of veggies, which was delicious. The two squash varieties really had a great, savory flavor. They were delicious.

Disaster averted, and at even fewer calories than planned!

Odd Weather

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I'm not generally one to blog about the weather, but this morning it was rather odd.

Normally (on weekdays), I get up at 4:45 a.m. to run before getting ready for work and commuting for an hour. One of the first things I do is check the temperature, just so I know. I normally have to start out with a sweatshirt because it's about 52 to 57 degrees out.

This morning it was 68. I know that doesn't seem much to those in more humid climates (where the temperature doesn't drop like a rock at night), but that's pretty unusual around here. Besides, I'm not used to it. I dressed a bit lighter--starting with the t-shirt instead of a midway conversion--but I was still far hotter than I wanted. It was quite unpleasant.

I was worried it would be unbelievably sweltering today, as high morning temperatures usually indicate, but there are intermittent thunderstorms that seem to be keeping things reasonable. Also, the weather report seems to indicate my crazy world will return back to normal tomorrow. That's good. It was unsettling.

Friday Catblogging!

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This week, we get back to our roots, with some shots of my two cats.



(I like the second one a lot.  Despite Jupiter's head in the way, you can see Sebastian's gaping maw as he goes in for the kill.)

Have a great weekend!

Adventures in Driving

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Today I almost hit a moose on the way to work.

What you have to know about moose is, they're really, really big, and they'll crunch your car. They're also really mean and aggressive suckers. Avoid hitting them with your car or your fist, because they'll retaliate.

That is all.

Yesterday, for the second time in my life, one of my oldest and closest friends moved away. By the second time, I mean that it is the second time this one person has moved away. I should also mention she is sort of tied with others for 'oldest friend' status; I met many with whom I am still close on that day.

I feel regret most closely, mostly having to do with law school. She and her husband moved back to Laramie during the summer before my first year of law school. I was quite pleased at this develompent, because they had lived elsewhere for some time, and I was looking forward to seeing them more often. I did see them more often, but not as often as I would like. One major influence was law school. Ironically, if I had been less successful than I have, I would probably have seen them more often. If I had been less pleased with the friends I made, the same. Law school, however, took a major chunk of my life, and made itself the central focus.

Just to be clear, I could have made more of an effort. I could have taken more time to spend with them, and I could have invited them to more events. I didn't, and that is my burden to bear. Still, there's something about the law school experience that makes one insular, encouraging one to spend time only with one's own kind.

I was the 'maid of honor' at my best friend's wedding. It's an experience I'll never forget, and I'm proud to have my place in her life. I wish I could do more, though, and be more. It's too late now. But I will always remember this as a lesson. Look outside what immediately needs our attention. There are some things that need our attention now, even though we may not recognize them until later.

Later may be too late.

We'll stay close, of that I'm sure. I'll always be there for her, and she for me. In fact, I expect that once I have a real job, I'll be able to see her a bit more often, being able to afford plane tickets and all. It's just not the same as being in the same town, though.

So, any advice for keeping in contact with close friends over long distances and a fair amount of time? I know of others who have had the same situation--MackenzieMom, for example--and have managed to weather it. I'd be open to any tips. I've done it before, to greater or lesser success (I hope you're well, IowaBoy, even though we don't talk much), but I'm feeling a bit vulnerable right now and could use the pep talks.

Friday Catblogging!

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Life is kicking me hard.  Nothing too awful, mind you, but I seem to have a lot going on right now, and a weird desire to just hide away whenever I do have any free time.  Still, there's always Catblogging!



Have a great weekend!

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