I can't think of a clever title about appellate arguments.

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In two years and almost a month of school, I've had excellent attendance. Law school is like a job to me, so I'm pretty much there every day. Yesterday, though, I missed two classes for the first time.

But it was for a good reason.

I had my first oral argument before the Wyoming Supreme Court yesterday. I've mentioned before (but I'm too lazy to find the entries and link to them) that the University of Wyoming has a huge benefit for students: if you'd like, there is no reason you can't take a case and argue before the state supreme court. That's a great experience, and very few law students can put that on their resume. I and my classmates, if we choose, can. I don't know of another school where students have such an opportunity, and I can virtually guarantee that if there are any others, they are probably small schools in small states.

It's not just once, either. Yesterday I argued a case in which I didn't write the brief. There will also be two cases in which I did write the brief, meaning I get to take the case from start to finish. As a matter of fact, one is already scheduled for argument in another month.

These are the things that make me happy to be a prospective lawyer, and happy that I chose the school I did.

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