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Well, I'm still pretty slammed, as you might be able to tell from the pretty-sparse posting. I have a ton of schoolwork to finish up before I can breathe easy.

Nevertheless, I did manage to finish the Mark Twain biography. It took longer than I'd hoped because of all my tasks, but I kept plugging away at it. It was quite good, and gave an interesting portrayal of one of the greatest writers in U.S. history. Some might say the absolute greatest, a viewpoint I have sympathy with. There were a lot of great stories with funny turns of phrase, and there were a lot of touching events, like deaths in his family--most notably his wife and his daughter Jean. The latter died only four months before Twain himself. Overall, it is a very worthwhile read.

So, I move on to another book, though I probably won't finish it before this semester's work is done. I had the chance to see Randall Kennedy speaknearly two years ago. At the time, I bought this book and another of his, Race, Crime, and the Law. I finished the latter in short order, and only now am I getting to the former. I think it will be interesting.

And now, what everybody's been waiting for, Catblogging. I was home during my Thanksgiving break, so was able to snap a couple cute photos. Here are three of Jupiter lying next to and leaning on Sebastian. As always, click the thumbnail for a bigger shot.




Have a Great Weekend!

What I'm Reading:

Nigger: The Strange Career of a Troublesome Word by Randall Kennedy


Kat said:

I love the photos of the cats!!

ps(found your blog via Sherry's party right now. Like some hot chocolate?)

Mackenzie said:

Welcome, thanks for clicking through.

Now is the time for the delicious, hot winter drinks!

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