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As unfortunate as it is to be stuck in Wyoming, as it turns out, things could be a lot worse.  For one thing, I'm not one of the thousands stuck at the Denver airport.  I could have been if we'd made it there before my flight was cancelled.  Even then, of course, I know enough people in the area that I probably could have gotten picked up yesterday morning.  But still, it's better to be home with the boys.

Another good thing is the rescheduled flight.  I managed to get a ticket out for Saturday.  At the time, Wednesday morning, this seemed like it was really too far away.  I wanted something for Thursday, or Friday at the latest.  As it turns out, though, Saturday is probably best.  The airport still isn't open yet.  It is supposed to open at 1/3 capacity at noon today, then slowly open more runways as it can.  If I'd gotten a ticket for Thursday, and quite possibly Friday, I probably would have ended up getting pushed back again, and then probably to after Christmas.  I've heard stories of that happening.  So I think Saturday is probably best, as much as I hate to admit it.

But enough gloom: up in a while, Friday Catblogging!


goofy said:

Have a great time w/ your family when you get there!


Alice said:

I'm sure the boys were grateful for your delayed departure.

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