What, No Invisible Car?

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This semester is a bit less busy than most, so I actually have some time to do a few fun things.  Case in point, I actually had a drink with a few friends and saw Casino Royale.  I think I haven't seen a movie in the theatre (even the discount theatre) for about a year.  It was nice.

I have a weakness for Bond movies.  I acknowlege their women-objectifying nature, but I still have to see them.  This one was better than most, though.  I liked it.  It seemed a lot like In Her Majesty's Secret Service, only this time they did it fairly well.  (IHMSS was the absolute worst Bond movie.  It starred the only James Bond actor to only do one movie.  Bonus points for anyone who knows his name.)

This one had a much more realistic and human slant to it, which I like.  Stories are all about people.  Even Bond stories, which are really peculiar fantasy flicks, are about people.  This one made them seem much more human, which was nice.

And the beginning had the best chase scene ever.

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