Friday Catblogging!

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Even though this weekend was fairly whirlwind, I expected it to be more whirlwind.  I had some projects that I was expecting to come in earlier in the week, but they were delayed, so I spent most of my time either reading (catching up on a few magazines, not so much on the book I'm working on) or helping students on their briefs in my TA capacity.

I did, though, get some work back from a professor who was very complementary, so that feels really good when one has only three weeks of classes, two weeks of finals, and will then be released on the world.  It feels especially good when, as in this case, the professor is someone I very much like and respect.

Anyway, I still have lots of photos of MackenzieMom's various cats.  Here we go:

Mar 07 Kitten10

Mar 07 Kitten8

And, for a bit of variety, an opossum that was discovered scrabbling around the cat-proof fence:

Mar 07 opossum1

What I'm (still) Reading:

Mr Sammler's planet by Saul Bellow

Have a great weekend!

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