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Friday Catblogging!

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Man, studying for the bar is really taking a chunk out.  I haven't had much time for blogging lately, which is too bad.  There was an interesting conversation going in the comments of my last post.  Maybe I'll try to revive it if anyone's interested.  I have some thoughts, but I can't take the time to really set them out right now.  I'll try to do the occasional light post, instead.

So, here's a nice little cat photo to occupy a couple minutes of your time:


As for what I'm reading, I think you can guess:


'nuff said.

Have a great weekend!  I know mine will be, um, busy.

"Cite to"

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Here's a little usage tip that won't mean anything to anyone but the lawyers out there (and maybe not even them).

Used as a verb, "cite" is not used with "to."  The construction "he did not cite to authority" is incorrect.  Rather, say "he did not cite authority."

Used as a noun, though, the opposite is true: "he included no citation to authority."  But notice how that construction is longer than using "cite" as a verb.  You should probably use the shortest version, with the fewest words, whenever possible.

Under Contract

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Well, it appears I've bought a house--or will have once all the financing is set up, inspections carried out, appraisals done, all that stuff.  It's a bit scary being tied to such a huge obligation, but it has its benefits.  Plus my car will be paid off in just a few short months, so it's just a step, really.

I like the place--it's a 15-minute walk from work, which is exactly what I was hoping for.  Plus it's pretty big, with a decently (for a change) finished basement.  The basement has been an apartment in the past, and I could make it one again if I move away and rent the place out.  It's on the higher end of my price range, but that still means it's in the range.

In other news, I'll be getting my bar review materials today, so I get to say goodbye to most of my extracurricular activities.  I'm definitely keeping my knitting group free, and the odd time with friends here and there.  It's no use being licensed if you're miserable.

Friday Catblogging

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Whew.  Now that I'm on a regular schedule it's a lot easier to get out some Catblogging entries.  Strangely, I find I get more done when I have more to do.  That's a good thing, I think, since my bar review books should be here Monday.

That's right, I haven't started studying yet.  I know that's heresy, but I didn't have much of a choice.  The "book-only" option was the only one practically available to me, and they get the books out later than the classes and everything.  As an aside, I think it's one of the effects of having only one state bar provider (Bar/Bri) in Wyoming.  As I've said to others, I'd rather take the classes, but it's expensive and I can't afford to not work until after taking the bar.

So, for the next couple months, I'll be focusing on working and studying.  Thankfully, my job is pretty much my dream job (so far), so I actually look forward to work and am reluctant to go home.  In fact, yesterday I was only prompted to leave when I discovered it was snowing on the interstate and the state highway was so slick it was nearly impassible.

For those of you surprised about snow in June, you haven't been paying attention.

Anyway, here we go with this week's cat photo.  Good timing, I thought.


And now, since I can read again (for a couple more days, anyway):

What I'm Reading:

Ward No. 6 and Other Stories, 1892-1895 (Penguin Classics) by Anton Chekhov

What I Just Finished Reading But Didn't Have a Chance to Post But Want To Because It Was Really Good:

Diary: A Novel by Chuck Palahniuk

 Have a Great Weekend!

Email Rant

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Point of etiquitte:  If you give out your email address to people--particularly in a professional context--you are saying something.  You're saying, "I have this email address, and I regularly check it and respond to emails when appropriate."

In other words, people expect you to check your email.  If you don't do business by email, then don't give out your email address.

Law Review Advice

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No blogging for a while.  I've been in a frenzy of activity getting ready for my new job (which I officially start today) and getting my house into some semblance of order.  I'm really looking forward to getting back into a regular schedule, even if it does include a 45-minute commute each day.

Anyway, I saw this post through E. McPan and thought I'd comment.  I'm marginally qualified, having served on a law review board, but not having felt the full career effects yet.  Translation: I don't know how much it will help my career down the road, only now.  Keep that in mind when deciding whether I'm full of it.

My response is different than Elaine's, slightly.  I think it depends on what you want for your career and what "law review" at your school means.  In some schools, you basically learn how to check citations.  In others, you learn a lot about writing through producing several drafts with feedback (and also check citations).  So I think the decision to do law review depends on whether you a) want it for a career advantage, or b) want to learn the skills that go with it.

If neither of those matches your career objectives, you may not want to do it.  For example, if you never plan on practicing, law review may add nothing valuable to your resume.  And if all you'll learn is the Bluebook, that makes the experience of little intrinsic value.

But for most people, you should do it, and work hard to do it.  This is particularly true for schools that allow students to write-on.  Not all schools allow it, so take advantage while you can.  This is particularly true in places like my school, where a major component is going through lots (lots!) of revised drafts of your case note or comment, and hopefully strengthening your writing.

Incidentally, my school is a bit more flexible: first-year students write proposals for case notes and, if accepted, spend their second year writing them, with several student-edited drafts (not as good as faculty-edited drafts, but better than no edits at all).  Being invited gives absolutely no advantage in this process, other than possibly being better writers--not always true.  The only thing invitation gives you is the possibility of being listed as "staff" even without being published; write-ons must publish to get the credential, while invitees must make a "good-faith effort."

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