Like Christmas, But in the Summer

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I’d like to tell you a heartwarming little story.


Once upon a time, about a year ago or so,
There was a boy who’s computer wouldn’t go.
“It is time,” he said, “to build a new one.”
“It could be a blue, green, white, or blue one.”
He scoured the world to find the right parts,
Using Amazon searches and other Dark Arts.

When the time came for the monitor, he was in for some trouble.
He didn’t know monitors—he’d lived in a bubble!
But he saw a review of a Dell 2707WFP.
When he saw the raves, he said, “That’s for me!”
“Oh, it’s from Dell,” he quietly mused.
“What if something goes wrong once it’s been only gently used?”
He took the risk anyway and was pleased with his find.
Little did he know that his hardware was mined.

One day he found the SmartCard reader was flawed.
(He used it to post pictures of cats to his blog.)
He did find a workaround, but it wasn’t much fun.
He chose to call Dell before shooting it with a gun.
“What’s wrong?” asked Gayle (that was the tech’s name).
He said, “I can’t upload photos—I’m quite off my game!”
“No problem,” said Gayle, “a replacement’s on its way.”
“Thank you for calling and have a nice day.”

On Saturday he called, our hero, this boy,
On Tuesday it arrived—new monitor ahoy!
“Man that was fast,” the boy said to himself.
That guy Michael Dell must be a jolly old elf!

Now the new monitor’s in place, as easy as pie.
The boy is as happy as if he could fly.
(That’s not really true, as I’d guess you could imagine.
He’d really rather fly but there’s no way that’ll happen.)
The new boy can see—the picture might even be better—
every pixel, every icon, every email and letter.
He’s grateful to Dell—they treated him right.
Now he can post pictures of cats every night!


(Don’t worry—I’ll keep the cat photos to Fridays.)

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