Election Day!

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Man, I’m so happy that this is about to be over.  Go vote!

As for me, I’ve been (predictably) spending a fair amount of time playing Fallout 3.  It’s really fun.  That doesn’t include last night, when I instead cooked a bunch of food, most of which will go into the freezer.  Actually, I don’t get a lot of game time in on the weekends just because other, real-life demands take up most of that time.

In spite of Fallout 3’s fun, I’ve also had a hankering to play some more Sins of a Solar Empire, an awesome large-scale strategy game.  The developer is coming out with an expansion, which looks pretty fun, and for only $10.  Also, I’ve been hearing great things about Left 4 Dead.  As much as I’m not an online player, customarily, this one might be great fun.  I’ll play the demo and see what I think.

In other news, I only have six weeks left of the CSA veggie share.  That’s really too bad, but I do have some things (winter squash) that keep pretty well and some others (corn, green beans, misc. other greens) that I’ve preserved for later.  Pretty soon I’ll be getting five chickens, a few quail, and an heirloom turkey (for Thanksgiving) from the farm.  It’ll be great.

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