Leonard Cohen Speaking

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We went out last night—it’s the thing to do when in New Orleans.  Pretty good music, but loud, and we were also talking pretty much the whole time.  It was loud, and we had to yell.  As a result, my throat is pretty trashed this morning.  But on the plus side, I can now belt out The Future with near-perfect mimicry.

Also last night, my friend J. took me and my mother to a Thai restaurant.  It was really good.  And either my tolerance for spiciness has gone up, or they’ve scaled down the heat a bit.  I had “hot,” which was one down from the maximum, “Thai-hot.”  I would call “hot” more of a medium.  Next time, I’m going for “Thai-hot.”  Still, it was great, I had a calamari stir-fry, and it was perfectly prepared.  I guess I’m continuing my tradition of nomming down the seafood when I visit the coast.


E. McPan said:

I think it's more of a scaled scoring kind of thing. Basically, if you're not Asian, they're going to make your "I want it hot" an Asian "I want it bland." It's for your own protection.

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