Friday Catblogging!

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I think we may have some more New Orleans pics:


(Yeah, somebody wanted in from the back porch area.)


My friend J’s cat, coincidentally also named J.


J’s other cat, T.  He and Jupiter are sort of brothers who haven’t seen each other in eight or nine years.

Seriously, they’re quite the hams.

In other news, I’m slowly making progress on the guitar.  My fingers are starting to toughen up, though I don’t have full-blown calluses.  I decided to forgo straight tabulature for now and learn the actual notes so that I can sight-read music.  It has brought home how much I’ve forgotten about music theory since high school—I need to relearn the notes and key progressions.  I think this weekend I’ll make myself some flash cards.  Working with them will give me something to do when my finger pain precludes me from practicing more than an hour and a half (which is more or less what I’m up to now, depending on the nature of my practice).

Have a great weekend!

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