Kitchen Boredom

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So I mentioned last week that I was watching Kitchen Nightmares, first the first series of the British version, then the US version.  Not anymore—I just got bored.  Every story was the same: Gordon eats the crappy food (although once he said a crab cake wasn’t bad—I fell out of my chair), finds that the staff doesn’t know what they’re doing and the kitchen is filthy, cleans the kitchen, simplifies the menu, redesigns the restaurant, etc.  Then it relaunches and, after a shaky start, everything is a success.  Oh, and every episode involves a lot of yelling and swearing.


I’m still interested in seeing more of the British version, but the US version is just not entertaining.  Maybe I’d feel differently if I watched them once a week rather than a bunch at once, but I have too much to do to waste time with something I’m bored with.

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