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Perhaps Dick Cheney and I can meet halfway on something, after all.  Is this proof of cultural change?  (Note that Cheney’s view appears to be different than fellow conservative and former Bush appointee Ted Olsen, who is currently representing clients who are challenging Proposition 8 in federal court.)

I may need to get back into Mass Effect.  There’s been a lot of talk about ME2, especially with E3 getting underway.  And now there’s an iPhone ME game on the way.  Conveniently, I have recently acquired an iPod Touch.

Speaking of E3, I have to consume the new trailers and other goodies slowly, seeing as how I have a day job.  So it was a little late that I finally saw this trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic.  I don’t know if the game will be any good, but the trailer is a huge load of totally-awesome.  Seriously.  Watch it now.  I’ll wait.

Pretty cool, right?

Back to business.  I was pleased yesterday to see that my favas, if they turn out, are good for more than just the beans.  In fact, if it turns out to be too late, perhaps the leaves are all I’ll be able to salvage.  That would be disappointing, but at least I’ll be able to salvage something.

And, lastly, I’m still unsold on the new Prisoner miniseries.  I have such fond memories of the original series.

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