Productivity Fail

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As it turns out, this was the Weekend of Fallout 3.  I’ve been playing quite a bit since I got it up an running, and that’s mostly what I did this weekend.  I also saw UP—not bad.

I’m happy to say that my fava beans are coming up like crazy, which is great.  You might wonder if it is a bit too late for fava beans.  It’s true that it is late, but I also live at about 6800 feet, so it stays relatively cool, especially at night, for quite a long time.  I’m hoping I have just enough time to get a decent crop of favas.  If nothing else, perhaps I can bank some seeds and grow a fall crop when the weather turns again.  In addition to the favas, I have radishes, onions, and (lots of) garlic still coming up nicely.

Also this week: the search for plane tickets in earnest begins.  More on that later.

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