Switching Gears

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My copy of The Witcher arrived yesterday.  I played for about an hour or so.  First impression: seems decent.  Will it replace Fallout 3 as my game of choice?  Probably not.  But I think it will be fun.  The one exception may be the combat, which is just sort of a timed click thing that I’m not so much a fan of.  But we’ll see—the mechanic may change as the game advances.

In other news, my ticket searches have so far revealed that I can get round-trip Denver-London tickets for under $750.  That seems rather insane, but in a good way.  Notably, I’m flying in an expensive time.  If I were travelling in late August or early September, it would be even cheaper.  Score!

My plan is to get separate round-trip tickets to the Baltics.  Including the stretch to and from Riga adds about $500, and in the meantime, I can get London-Riga round-trip tickets from RyanAir for maybe $160 or so.  I can’t think of any reason not to do that.

Take-away: All of my “getting there and back” costs (must account for shuttle to Denver) will end up being around $1000.  That seems like a really good deal for a trip to Europe.  Can anyone confirm?  I nearly bought my London tickets last night, but I decided to wait a week or so and see if the prices hold steady, or if there appears to be a lot of volatility.  It’s always a fool’s game to time the tickets, but I’m still going to see if there’s anything that catches my eye.

Maybe when I’m in London I’ll visit all the places in The Prisoner’s opening sequence?  That would be awesome.

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